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the sims

anyone else get turned on when their sims flirt and make out, etc? especially the girls sims?

mia for so long!

ok, if anyone is still around here, i'm back! my computer totally crashed and i finally got a new one. sad thing, i lost the lovely little stories i was working on. so i guess i'll have to start over! 

alright, i'm ready to get caught up again!  ready in more than one way, if you know what i mean!

Sep. 24th, 2007

question: anyone use hotmail as their email for here? i don't seem to be getting messages from comments and i can't seem to comment directly from the ones i do receive. anyone use a good email they would recommend for this? 

i was going through my journal and realized i had a bunch of comments i hadn't answered. i'm so sorry!
so in sum, if you wanna add me, go ahead! and my story is coming! i wrote the whole thing, but the end seems kind of awkward, so i'm working on it. 

thanks for reading and supporting my little journal!


so this guy i work with always comes into work with hickies. i'm not a fan of visible hickies. they just look cheap. i have no problem with giving or receiving them, but i think they should be hidden. so today he comes in with a bite mark on his neck, right over a hicky, and one on his cheek. i had to laugh. this is a perfect red circle of someones teeth. so i poked fun at him for awhile about having hickies and bite marks all over him. then he offers to show me the worst bite. thank, i'll pass...of course i wanted to see it! but that just seemed weird. so the whole time i'm poking fun at him i'm dying to know what led to the bites. i want to know the positions and the action going on at the time. the only info he offered up was a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of tequila. 

this all reminded me of my high school sweetheart. i loved when he bit me. it was my 17 year old girl fetish. some where more visible than the others. i remember when my friends saw one on my neck/shoulder. one was convinced he was abusing me and i needed to talk to someone about it. hehe. can't abuse someone who is asking you to bite them! they never understood and i just took more time to hide the bruises. race, the guy at work, didn't have bruises. but i came away with some serious looking injuries. man, those were good times. 

new experience

i've done anal many times. and i orgasm pretty much every time. i just love the feel of a cock burried deep inside me. so much better than in the pussy. so i'm always up for some fun anal play. the other day we're going at it and he puts two fingers in my asshole. this is different. it's usually one finger lubing me up for the cock. well, he's got two fingers in my ass and two in my pussy! i feel like i'm going to explode! i'm on my hands and knees grinding on all four of his fingers as fast and hard as i can. his fingers aren't deep in me, but they feel wonderful! i finally lay flat on my stomache and start grinding into the matress and his fingers in my pussy. the fingers in my ass are fucking me so hard i have to scream into the pillow. finally i have the hardest orgasm ever and cum furiously onto his fingers. i think my ass and pussy orgasmed together. it was the best ever.

i have a story(my firs) that i'm working on. i'm having some trouble with the girl on girl and the threesome stuff. but keep an eye out. it's coming!

so i had this dream a couple nights ago. i was with this friend of mine, nicky, and we started making out. this was after we had gone to some club and taken x. both of these experiences have never happened to me in real life. though i have had more than one dream where i'm with another girl. anyway, nicky and i our making out and completely naked. she stuck some kind of dildo in my ass and i think i may have really cummed in my sleep. in this part of the dream we were in a bed. but later in the dream we were going at it again. only this time we had one of those two headed dildos(i'm sure it has a technical name). one end was in her ass and the other in my pussy and we were seriously fucking each other hard. and someone was watching. but i don't know who it was or where our location was. needless to say i was plenty horny when i woke up. i layed in bed for awhile playing with myself and coming up with other sexual situations. sadly i feel back to sleep and had no more fun sex dreams. 

it was either something i ate or haven't had a great sexual experience in way too long.

i'm a wee bit mia

i was at work the other day and the guys were laughing over this thing they all had on their cell phones that one guy had sent out to all of them. it was called do the dew. and i wanted to see it. so they said if they showed me i had to promise not to be insulted or rat them out for sexual harassment or something. hahaha! ok, i'm the last person who would be offended by jokes. it would take a lot for me to report harassment. you'd have to be some nasty  perv who kept grabbing my boobs all day or something. i flirt a lot and it takes a lot to insult me. anyway, enough rambling! they finally showed me the pics. and i was quite surprised! it's 8 pics in all and they are of these two girls and one is sticking a can of mt. dew up her pussy. and when it's finally all the way in they pop the tab and pour it on the other girls chest. it's pretty hot! it won't work on my phone for some reason and i'm not brave enough to search the web for the pics. i'm also amazed that a pop can be pushed up there and i'm dying to try it! 

so my question is, what is the oddest thing that you have stuck up either your ass or your pussy? 

for me it is a vibrator up the ass, which is not unusual. and a beer bottle, neck first, up my pussy.


i'm new to this livejournal stuff. i'm also new to exploring my inner desires and fantasies. i only recently started reading erotica. and i've really enjoyed it. i started experimenting with sexual stuff when i was pretty young(like 9). and always felt dirty about it. i'm still learning that it's not abnormal to have these thoughts and feelings and i'm not alone. especially now that i'm older.
i was 17 when i first experienced 'doggy style'. it was the best! and i didn't want to stop there. but i still felt wrong. i've always been pretty quite about my wants and desires. two years after that experience i had my first anal adventure. i knew the guy that i was with liked anal. he never said anything, but he kept testing the waters to find out how far he could get. i realized that if i wasn't the one initiating it there was nothing to feel dirty or bad about. so i went with it and took things further till i actually let him put his dick in my ass. best.orgasm.ever. seriously, if you've never tried it, do it. it hurts, but once you get beyond the pain, it's great! 
i'm still pretty quite about it. but i enjoy it so much. i met a girl a few months ago that really likes anal as well. so now i don't feel as wrong about it. i'm starting to open up a bit more and try new things. exploring around here and different communities has helped as well. 

i just thought i should introduce myself a bit. feel free to add me. i'll try to update more often and share some stories with you all. i've thought about writing a fictional story, but still haven't come up with anything worth sharing. one of these days...

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